Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back from the Beach

For sewing sails...

Ahhh, the beach was nirvana and it did not rain once! Not to mention, it was warm ;) I'm a happy girl. Am scurrying around getting ready for an art show (yay) but will write more later. Just wanted to say hello and share a few photographs of summer bliss. Hope you are in that summer state of mind (and body) too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A new print that just dried in the blistering sun over 3 days. This guy came to me while watching the kids at the swimming pool... the good old Moleskine is a good traveller. Thinking of printing this one on a few t-shirts for a change. Keep cool!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drawing in the Sun

Last summer I treated myself to a whole box of fabulous paper called 'Fabriano Medioevalis'. I have been marveling over the texture and tactile pleasure of this box of paper for quite some time. So, summer in full swing, I finally dove in and used some. It is a pleasure to draw on (Liquitex ink in Prussian Blue) with a very fine pen nib. Yes, that means dipping the pen - which I have a passion for... love dipping into ink. These are just a few drawings I've begun to add color to... it's always a bit dicey to draw when it's been awhile. But, oh so fun and better than the best escapist summer novel :)
More to share soon!