Thursday, August 28, 2014


Just a quick hello from inside the strata of my mind...  New painting on ungessoed wood.  Happy Labor Day Weekend:)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another pattern doodle... seems like there should be words inside those openings.
Here is a very indulgent project I'm  doing for no other reason than pleasure!  It's the once a year wool, hand sewing project I seem to do when I need comforting. 

PS-  Our naughtiest Welsh Corgi, Mr. Knightley has been gravely ill since Sunday and has been in the animal hospital since then.  But, he may be well enough to come home this evening.  Plus, we may finally have a diagnosis of what's been ailing him today after plenty of tests.  Sickly dogs are quite expensive!!!  Thanks for the doggie prayers and keep them coming if you can spare a moment or two :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Singing

A sort of newish woodblock print... hand painted.  The summer is sweltering by now.  91 degrees this afternoon as my son and I had a bike ride.  I am making books at the moment and will share some here in the coming month.

 Our dog (the baby of the family) is now very sick... he's at the pet emergency hospital for the evening.  Here's hoping he survives another crisis.  The dog is the biggest problem child I have ever known.  Mostly worried about our daughter who has never lost a pet and is very attached.  Doggie prayers welcome here!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Open Book....

 My amazing daughter
 Mermaid meets a tree with seedlings
Self from the past

A tiny peek into my sketchbook... I've been living in ink this summer.  Immensely enjoying drawing with the dipper pen into a bottle of ink and just letting what happens... happen.  I don't really share this with anyone in my 'real life' so, there you go:)  

Hope you all are savoring every little last minute of summer madness and sultriness.  I am trying to squeeze every tiny, last drop out if it.  Back to school looms, for better or not.  Even though I'm a grown up, I still can't make up my mind what may be better... endless summer or the excitement of the new (school year).  Hmmmmnn.