Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Air Pen Doodles

I ripped up an old, soft sheet and used it for 'scrap paper' - I mean fabric :)

The brown is an old dinner napkin - tan is linen
Playing around with scraps of fabric ... I decided to fire up the air pen and do a little practice. I discovered I could draw a border and sew it on my experimental quilt I've been making. (maybe a post coming on that later in the week) Ooh, what if I did some border drawings on ribbon?? That would be fun... might have to try it.
It's starting to snow again - tons of icicles hanging off the house and a cold and powdery winter wonderland out our windows. Time to get painting! What do you do when it snows?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble- Gobble!

Our son's sign he put at the head of the Thanksgiving table. I love how young minds think!
By our baby girl
Snow and more coming tonight... well, all weekend.

A glimpse of my latest WIP 'art quilt' - this one is on 84" wide fabric... my largest piece yet. There's still a lot to do - I'm adding the background hopefully on Monday.

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful feasting day of good food, good company and good cheer! We had a lovely one with family today at our house. It was a great time and fun to break out all the china and crystal...my mom did all the cooking and brought it over here. Since I'm a vegetarian, my peeps are still worried I'll make another Tofurky like I did one year. :) They all had one word for me, CARDBOARD!
Whew! It's been way too long being offline... we finally got some computer stuff sorted out and are back online this evening. It's been bitter cold with temps in the single digits and even -10F. I had bad karma on Monday when 2 different cars hit my parked car while taking our kids to school. :( We just had it fixed this spring after being hit (rental car for 18 days!) and a major overhaul when the car died as soon as we reached Portland. (PS this is a newer SUV, not an old clunker!) We're thinking this car is jinxed... and after it's fixed, maybe selling it.
I'm off the warm up in front of the fire and chill with the corgis and everyone... goodnight.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Friday Ornaments

Well, they're not really that 'Black Friday' since they are going in a gallery with other artist made ornaments. It's a Christmas show I've participated in for years now and becoming quite a tradition. This year's ornaments are based on memories of a pair of socks I had as a kid or maybe the trim on a coat I had... probably a bit of both. (They were the folksy kind with stripes, hearts, German/alpine inspired... maybe with couples and children holding hands - and lots of busy borders) If you grew up in the 1970s this may ring a bell. Those motifs had a huge impact on me!
Anyway, I carved my calligraphy( in Mastercarve this time- easier than wood for lettering) and printed on wool felt. Then the beading and embellishing - love doing that! I think they're fun and different... it's good to do something different each year.
The bottom photo is a scarf I finally finished last night while waiting at my daughter's ballet class. Can't wait to test it out - I think snow may be coming in about a week or so. Happy hump day! (and Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Little Blue Stink Pot

Just a bit of show and tell today... I made this for my hubby on the occasion of a milestone birthday. It is a place to put all those icky, bad thoughts and feelings. The writing on the sides gives directions on how to use... so, for good karma, place all the yuck from your day inside and be rid of it for good! :) (hope it works)
PS our son painted the inside of the lid - I thought it was a tree but it's actually a drippy happy face. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and Fabric Painting

Our Halloween was grand... and here are a few masterpieces that father and son carved while the girls were out. Nice job, don't you think?!

I painted fabric for a shower curtain and 'sink skirt' for my bathroom. It's quite a small room and in need of a change. The design is loosely based on a 1950's textile from the Victoria and Albert Museum. I'm happy with the way it turned out! Now if only I could give the room a fresh coat of paint in a nice, warm toast color.
Just to let y'all know, my daughter spilled something on my laptop keyboard and now it is kaput. Hopefully, I can get it repaired but until then, I can only blog and post comments when I'm borrowing a friend's computer! ARG! Maybe I could saran wrap the keyboard... if it's even salvageable. I'm trying not to brood about it. Happy hump day.