Thursday, October 25, 2012

Muriel at the garden gate

This is actually an older piece but I wanted to share since I was thumbing through old photos.  My grandma was named Muriel and her mum was too... It's my mom's middle name.  So , this painting is in memory of my grandma.  It's only now that I'm able to talk about her.  She passed on September 6th 2012.  Born January 15 1924 in Los Angeles California.  She was a beauty and a talker.  (Andy Warhol would've loved her.). She will be and is missed.  Still trying to figure out how to realize she's gone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My awesome artist friend sent me a folded calligraphy pen.  She created an alphabet called 'Twist' 0 still trying to get the hang of it! 

Off to the pumpkin patch today with the kindergarten.  See you in the corn maze :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bicycle Parking

This drawing on Arches Cover paper (my favorite besides Rives BFK) with gouache is a larger one... about 14 x 14".  It's been sitting and 'curing' for about a month or two and I'm almost ready to finish it up.  This is a super fun kite shop at Cannon Beach, OR. which  I've painted before. 

I've been painting on canvas this month and feeling like I've 'come home' in a way.  Though it's a bit rusty, I love the process and immersion that comes with painting larger at the easel.  I'll share soon, but not ready at this point :)

A wool sunflower quilt is also in the works.  I like to work on it in the evening but a new love has come into my life, taking up more 'after 5pm' time.  It's the guitar.  My husband and I are taking lessons... it's a beautiful thing!!!  Thinking I may do a family portrait, guitar style. 

Have a great Thursday.