Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bicycle Parking

This drawing on Arches Cover paper (my favorite besides Rives BFK) with gouache is a larger one... about 14 x 14".  It's been sitting and 'curing' for about a month or two and I'm almost ready to finish it up.  This is a super fun kite shop at Cannon Beach, OR. which  I've painted before. 

I've been painting on canvas this month and feeling like I've 'come home' in a way.  Though it's a bit rusty, I love the process and immersion that comes with painting larger at the easel.  I'll share soon, but not ready at this point :)

A wool sunflower quilt is also in the works.  I like to work on it in the evening but a new love has come into my life, taking up more 'after 5pm' time.  It's the guitar.  My husband and I are taking lessons... it's a beautiful thing!!!  Thinking I may do a family portrait, guitar style. 

Have a great Thursday.


Jenniffer said...

Great painting- I especially like the colors you chose!

artslice said...

Thank you Jenniffer! Glad to see you back on the scene... was wondering where you'd gone :)