Monday, September 27, 2010

Our son's super cute book about a day in his life
Marching teaspoons
Pie Factory Sugar cube dash
Here are a few more monoprints in the Factory series and the masterpiece... my son's portrait of our family. I just love getting stacks of completed school work. Especially when they include his drawings - they make me smile from the inside out!
We've looking forward to sunny, summer weather this week! Hurrah! I can always use some sun to fuel the artmaking process. Happy Monday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cuppa Tea Machine

Monoprint... I used Akua ink and a paint brush. Am doing a series of factory-based (or automated) teatime. (Based on a woman/mom fantasy of food and chores being done by machines) Next, I'll be experimenting with hand coloring these... we'll see what happens!

PS Check out the new artist's site created by abstract painter, Mary Ann Wakeley at
Thanks so much to Mary Ann for including me in this incredible circle of artists!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mastercarve Me!

Here are a few stamps carved this week... out on the deck during a few sun breaks before school pick up time. (in other words, the precious few quiet moments of the day! :) I'll be adding a little more detail but they are kind of fun and very 'off the cuff'.
I've been walking a lot lately, trying to store up every inch of sunshine before the darkness sets in. Yesterday I noticed the beautiful colors of autumn just starting to turn and fall from the trees. I picked up Walden at the library - on CD- thought it would add to the enjoyment of the changing season. Love it! Happy almost Friday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Settling In

Our son's new hobby :) Had his first lesson today. It's not going to make the neighbors happy!
Well, school's been in for about 2 weeks and I'm finally getting into the new 'groove'. It's amazing how you think you've got it covered... when everything changes again. With our little girl now in pre-school 3 days (half days, that is) and our son doing more after school activities -
Mama's adjusting to a newly formed schedule - with art making included, of course!
Today I got up while the house was still quiet and gave myself an hour to mess with the Akua ink that's been waiting to be used down in the printing studio. SO much fun! I'm already hooked and will plan on getting up even earlier tomorrow :) However, the bed is calling much earlier in the evening. No one around here does very well without ample sleep.
We are so thankful for the great weather that has returned this week. Life is good! How's your September going?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner and a Quilt

And now... dinner's ready! Check out a nice, new dish I made... Stuffed, baked eggplant! It was yummy but time intensive - has 3 layers inside each eggplant shell. The recipe is from an older cookbook, the Vegetarian Epicure.
Here's the 'Bedtime Rituals' paintings sewn into a quilt - which was a family effort. Tried to choose starry, night time style fabrics. (including Eric Carle's 'Very Lonely Firefly' fabric :) Now, to finish the hand painted border with the lyrics to 'Blue Moon' on it and have it machine quilted. Then, we'll all have to fight for it to decide who's bed it graces first!