Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cuppa Tea Machine

Monoprint... I used Akua ink and a paint brush. Am doing a series of factory-based (or automated) teatime. (Based on a woman/mom fantasy of food and chores being done by machines) Next, I'll be experimenting with hand coloring these... we'll see what happens!

PS Check out the new artist's site created by abstract painter, Mary Ann Wakeley at www.artofthisworld.net
Thanks so much to Mary Ann for including me in this incredible circle of artists!


tangled sky studio said...

what great texture and sense of motion you get from using the brush and ink. i'm really interested in monoprints but find the process a bit frustrating. if you don't mind me asking-what will you use to color this?

artslice said...

Hi Beth,

Thank you! I love the look of that brush stroke in the ink.

I'm going to experiment... but what comes first to mind is watercolor. Colored pencils might also be good. Pastels might be fun - but I have trouble controling them in small areas.