Sunday, January 31, 2010


I don't know what it is about my habit of mostly posting works in progress. It seems by the time something is finished... I don't post it because y'all have seen it already. (albeit unfinished) I have to say, there aren't many blogs I read where people post work that isn't done. Must be something about my personality... I am a very 'open-ended' person! (or 'Perceiving' in Myers-Briggs terms...I'm an INFP - what are you?).
For today, here is a WIP and a finished piece. ;) Happy Sunday.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Antique Dealer's Desk

I loved this little vignette - secretly shot at an antique shop... dealing mostly in paintings. Naturally, it's not finished... but probably tonight it'll be done. There are more in the works. Yesterday I got invited to do another show at The Ruby Slipper in May of this year. So, with the show in Port Angeles, WA in April... I'm going to be painting and carving in haste. (and loving it too :)
A pair of socks that are one of my all time faves. The yarn is so beautiful - Sirdar 'Crofter's DK'. The colors are so yummy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fat or Thin Ink Pen?

Had a great time unwinding and drawing yesterday on my favorite paper. (Arches Cover in cream... can't get it locally :( Couldn't find the Pitt India ink brush pen, so I used a skinny (.005) Pigma pen and did the lower cafe drawing. Later, I did find the brush pen and did the upper boulangerie drawing. (both will have color added) I'm going to stick to the brush pens... it gives the drawing a different quality than the ultra thin line. Amazing what a difference size makes! What do you like to use - thick or thin?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stitchn' Til Spring

I found this crime scene this morning in the dining room just as I was about to drink the first cup of tea... looked down and laughed out loud. The kids do the most hilarious things sometimes! Makes me smile.
I just finished this super cute folk art embroidery designed by Kathy Schmitz. It turned out great and I'm planning on framing it. She is a Portland, OR based artist and I found her patterns at The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego. I'm on to the next one now... will report when finished :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Candle light

I'm fascinated by flames. Firelight, tapered candles in candelabras, tea lights on trays, big fat candles on stands etc. It's the warm glow that gets me - to be in that space where the glow of fire is... it feels good and welcoming even comforting. I'm sure it's one of those primal things humans naturally respond to. While gazing at flame(s) I often think of cave people and their fires & how important they were to their existence... or light houses - the flame guiding sailors in the darkness.
I didn't realize it but I have several drawings and carvings of candles... so I'm going to continue with a series.
This one needs a little more carved away before it's finished... and a bit of color added too. Have relaxing Saturday - light some candles at dinner tonight!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Village Snow

Here's a new carving in progress. The image is from our New years trip to Portland... we'd just arrived and a blizzard engulfed us! (posted about a few weeks ago) This is the toy shop hubby and the kids were at as I made my way back in the snow. I love it when a sudden thunder or snow storm comes with out warning... just as long as the snow melts the next day :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few January Pleasures...

Checkerboard alpaca scarf - just finished!
Fabulous hand-built teacups made by Barb Campbell of Oregon. I LOVE her work!

Here are a few things I've been taking joy in lately. Usually January is the start of a long, bleak winter for me (I don't count Christmas and New Year because of all the hub-bub and holiday cheer going on). This year I've no complaints. It's been quite mild, not much snow, plenty of sun and the roads are clear enough to go on stroller rides! I'm sooooo thankful for all these things and hope it lasts :)
Hooray, the Christmas cactus is blooming :) Happy Monday.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dream Dive

Here are a few sketchy drawings that sort of poured out of my as a 'free write' would. Trying to tap into more subconscious subject matter as a way to get some ideas for new work. I was surprised to see what spilled onto the paper... I'm hoping to move in another direction this year with subject matter... but, am not demanding it from myself. What are your art plans for the new year?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mother and Child

Here's a new print I just painted for the first time today. Will likely take out the line by her mouth! I can't help myself... love that bright orange - can't get enough of it! I've been experimenting with some dreamy, half surreal drawings but have to work up the courage to show them. They are not the usual fare although there are plenty of female figures and water. Maybe later in the week after color has been added they'll turn up.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little new year's getaway...

Our most favorite little place on earth... (even covered in snow) Multnomah Village!

The next day- (Portland Art Museum)
We saw them in Spokane... loved it.

Museum of Contemporary Craft

On a lark, we decided to bug out of town to our old 'hometown' - Portland, OR. You know- visit all the old haunts, a few old friends, pubs, bookshops, yarn shops and a few great museums...

However, as soon as we took the exit to our old village... the snow started falling and quickly became quite a storm. Most of the shops closed up tight and it took around 45 min to arrive at our 'close by' hotel!! We were trying to escape just this. Funny how life has other plans for you :) But, the next day, most of the snow had melted and we did partake in all our old faves and a few new ones too. Oh, and rang in a new year... all 4 of us together.

Now that we are home (ugh to the 6 hour drive with 2 small kids) our son is very sick with the stomach flu. We had a grand time, though and are (well, most of us) feeling refreshed. Here's to 2010... hope it's a much better year than the 'Annus Horribilis' 2009 turned out to be for our family. Happy new year to all!!