Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few January Pleasures...

Checkerboard alpaca scarf - just finished!
Fabulous hand-built teacups made by Barb Campbell of Oregon. I LOVE her work!

Here are a few things I've been taking joy in lately. Usually January is the start of a long, bleak winter for me (I don't count Christmas and New Year because of all the hub-bub and holiday cheer going on). This year I've no complaints. It's been quite mild, not much snow, plenty of sun and the roads are clear enough to go on stroller rides! I'm sooooo thankful for all these things and hope it lasts :)
Hooray, the Christmas cactus is blooming :) Happy Monday.


Laura said...

oh i love the scarf. and the cups.. there are simple pleasures at any time of the year.

jeane said...

so many lovely pleasures - love the scarf and the cups - I want some of those cups! :)

artslice said...

Hi Laura and Jeane -
Thank you both! Barb Campbell lives in Corvallis, OR - so if you want to google her... there are many galleries showing her work.