Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little new year's getaway...

Our most favorite little place on earth... (even covered in snow) Multnomah Village!

The next day- (Portland Art Museum)
We saw them in Spokane... loved it.

Museum of Contemporary Craft

On a lark, we decided to bug out of town to our old 'hometown' - Portland, OR. You know- visit all the old haunts, a few old friends, pubs, bookshops, yarn shops and a few great museums...

However, as soon as we took the exit to our old village... the snow started falling and quickly became quite a storm. Most of the shops closed up tight and it took around 45 min to arrive at our 'close by' hotel!! We were trying to escape just this. Funny how life has other plans for you :) But, the next day, most of the snow had melted and we did partake in all our old faves and a few new ones too. Oh, and rang in a new year... all 4 of us together.

Now that we are home (ugh to the 6 hour drive with 2 small kids) our son is very sick with the stomach flu. We had a grand time, though and are (well, most of us) feeling refreshed. Here's to 2010... hope it's a much better year than the 'Annus Horribilis' 2009 turned out to be for our family. Happy new year to all!!


jeane said...

Happy New Year Brenda - your getaway, even though derailed a bit, sounds like it was the best thing! so sorry your little guy is sick - ugh! and I loved the photos of the conservatory - what a gorgeous and magical place that is this time of year xxo

tangled sky studio said...

happy new year brenda,
dare i say 2010 will be a better year for both of us???
whatever it has in store it's great to have this blogging community for support and inspiration. the are and the craft museum both look amazing and oddly enough i am headed to the sfmoma this afternoon for some inspiration AND i was listening to Pink Martini at a dinner party last night (had never heard of them before last night)...i bet it was a great concert.

warm wishes,

artslice said...

Hi Jeane, it was a great getaway! The holiday lights at the conservatory have become a tradition for us. Love your give-away piece.

Hi Beth,
Hope it is much better for us! sfmoma (love that place... nice Gerhard Richter and Mary Frank) and Pink Martini... fabulous pairing! (it was a great concert and they are a Portland band!)