Thursday, January 28, 2010

Antique Dealer's Desk

I loved this little vignette - secretly shot at an antique shop... dealing mostly in paintings. Naturally, it's not finished... but probably tonight it'll be done. There are more in the works. Yesterday I got invited to do another show at The Ruby Slipper in May of this year. So, with the show in Port Angeles, WA in April... I'm going to be painting and carving in haste. (and loving it too :)
A pair of socks that are one of my all time faves. The yarn is so beautiful - Sirdar 'Crofter's DK'. The colors are so yummy.


Jeane said...

I love the vignette too! AND you are coming to PA in April?! for a show?, how exciting - hopefully will finally be able to meet in person - where is the show?

artslice said...

Hi Jeane,
Thanks! Yep, I'll be there at The Itty Bitty Buzz... 2nd Friday (I believe that's their gallery walk)of April. It'd be so fabulous to meet you there! I'll let you know for sure when the opening is, love to see you :)

Laura said...

YAY! Congratulations and pennsylvania is only a state away from me! Where is the show??