Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunset at the Lighthouse

New ink drawing on paper! I took tons of inspiration photos on our trip and this is a favorite subject... old architecture including lighthouses! The French prism lenses get to me... they are so beautiful, ordered and geometric. I may have to brush up on my perspective skills before tackling an interior shot of the lens. (used Twinkling H2Os paint on this one - it's got some sparkle). It's soon to be in the etsy shop.

We are one day away from the big, first day of school! It's bittersweet for sure... the weather is perfect and seems a waste to spend it in school. On the other hand - there's yoga to attend and art to be made in a quiet studio in the company of two little Corgis.

Sending out thoughts and prayers to the Hurricane Irene survivors... stay safe and hang in there. Thinking of you all out there in the dark. Happy Monday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikki McClure at Contemporary Crafts Museum...Portland

This was a fabulous show... I have seen a lot of the original work in Nikki McClure's calendars and books but what a treat to see it in person! The black paper she cuts with an exacto knife is so thin and delicate. It's amazing what she does. Her sketchbooks, personal photographs that she draws from and mulling ideas on paper were all on display. I love to see how people work - it's such an inspiration to me. (wish I could've taken photos of them!)

By the way... we've just returned from our 2nd and last trip of the summer... to Newport and Lincoln City, OR. Toured many lighthouses, saw several artist's studios... ate fabulous food etc. Will share more in the coming weeks! But, today - it's time for school supply shopping, coddling lonely Corgis and more purging of old clothes and shoes. Happy Monday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Off the Grid

We are soaking up this last month of summer vacation... sipping wine by candle light. Sleeping in, going slow and keeping a low profile. (the last is always my favorite). Hope you are enjoying the sunny summer in your own favorite style.

ps ... I can't seem to leave a comment - blogger is all messed up (google profile). Darn it! Thanks to Jenniffer for stopping by!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flutter Kicks and Noodles

Here's where I've been for several weeks. It's amazing how fast they learn to swim when they're ready. Both the kids are having a great time in their lessons and then the reward comes: free swim! For me, it's like sitting in a sauna - with one benefit... my face is dewy. :)

I'm determined to get the bathroom painted before school starts. Will be choosing colors today. What are you getting done before September?

Friday, August 5, 2011

New August Woodcuts

More ballet... this time in the form of woodcuts. These were test prints to see what they're looking like. More decisions to make now. My least fave is the last photo but, maybe I can make it work.

I'm hoping to escape into the garden today to pull weeds and trim hedges. But first, the eucalyptus oil will be slathered on. I'm the perfect meal for bugs and nasty blood-sucking black flies (they're rampant in Spokane this summer!). But the oil really does work. Try it if you are one of those 'lucky ones' who seems to get bit no matter what.

Happy Friday!