Saturday, August 13, 2011

Off the Grid

We are soaking up this last month of summer vacation... sipping wine by candle light. Sleeping in, going slow and keeping a low profile. (the last is always my favorite). Hope you are enjoying the sunny summer in your own favorite style.

ps ... I can't seem to leave a comment - blogger is all messed up (google profile). Darn it! Thanks to Jenniffer for stopping by!


Jenniffer said...

Oh- the sipping wine by candlelight. Yes! Sounds wonderful. Low profile is a good thing :)

I have problems with blogger all the time too- so glad I'm not alone in that!

Happy end of summer!

Paula Villanova said...

Just reading this post now...about a month later. The last weekend of summer is always a bit sad to me, but I should probably try your approach next year and just chill and enjoy and appreciate far it's been a rainy September in the north east!