Monday, August 8, 2011

Flutter Kicks and Noodles

Here's where I've been for several weeks. It's amazing how fast they learn to swim when they're ready. Both the kids are having a great time in their lessons and then the reward comes: free swim! For me, it's like sitting in a sauna - with one benefit... my face is dewy. :)

I'm determined to get the bathroom painted before school starts. Will be choosing colors today. What are you getting done before September?


tangled sky studio said...

kids + water=fun. heading down to lake in just a few moments. but the things on my list are paintings for eta 10 (seriously need to get moving on that one), two knitting projects (sweater and hat), paver walkway and many more trips to the farmer's markets : ) good luck picking your color and be sure to share!

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Whoa, 10 paintings... better do them in your sleep :) the knitting sounds great as does the paver project.

I'll share a bathroom before and after.

Jenniffer said...

Glad I'm not the only one trying to get a big project done before September- and how on earth did the summer go that quickly?-
In our house the big thing is trying to finish older son's bedroom before school starts. So on to some painting for me, and here's to hoping your bathroom turns out just how you want it!