Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikki McClure at Contemporary Crafts Museum...Portland

This was a fabulous show... I have seen a lot of the original work in Nikki McClure's calendars and books but what a treat to see it in person! The black paper she cuts with an exacto knife is so thin and delicate. It's amazing what she does. Her sketchbooks, personal photographs that she draws from and mulling ideas on paper were all on display. I love to see how people work - it's such an inspiration to me. (wish I could've taken photos of them!)

By the way... we've just returned from our 2nd and last trip of the summer... to Newport and Lincoln City, OR. Toured many lighthouses, saw several artist's studios... ate fabulous food etc. Will share more in the coming weeks! But, today - it's time for school supply shopping, coddling lonely Corgis and more purging of old clothes and shoes. Happy Monday.


tangled sky studio said...

what a treat to see her gorgeous work in must have been very inspiring. have fun with the school shopping and give the corgis a hug from a far away friend : )

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
It was so exciting, I must say :)
Hope you are all ready for your show and school :) Enjoy these last days of summer vacation.

Jenniffer said...

This show looks amazing- I've never heard of her, but her work is beautiful. And it was right in my 'backyard' so to speak!
Have a wonderful time at the coast. I wish our family could go back just one more time this summer, too~ Oh well!

artslice said...

Hi Jenniffer,
It was amazing! You should check out the show... I think it runs thru Halloween. It's worth the trip.
We had a great time exploring Newport and Lincoln City... and now it's back to school on Wed!

scott davidson said...

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