Friday, July 26, 2013

Lavender Home

 A few more scenes from our week in Sequim... my home town.  Above is a scene from Purple Haze farm.  They have heavenly ice cream cones you can eat while walking along the lavender rows.
 Even at dinner, I love to doodle.  My favorite kind of table cloth is white paper and kids crayons :)  The Public House, Port Townsend.
 My little booth of woodblock love at the Lavender festival...
Bliss.  Happy weekend!  ps  sale in the etsy shop:  free shipping to us and free, small print (my choice) with purchase!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Honey...

Honey Jars by Janet Fish.   I love her paintings of the everyday, but with light, reflection and a close up view, they are magic.

Just back from the Sequim Lavender Festival... it was fun.  Sold some art, talked to a lot of lovely people and even skipped out of the booth a few times to go to a few lavender farms and walk on the sea weed-carpeted beach.  Old times :)  Even walked around the campus of my high school (it looks exactly the same, save a few new buildings in the back) and my elementary school.  Walked through the playground (the swings are gone) and to the front doors.  I remember so much, standing right in front of these buildings.  Sweet memories.   Amazing what physical presence can do.

So, now I hope to start making all new pieces and share much more often here :)  Stay tuned.