Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stevie Coming Out of the Winter Blues

Here's another winter madness painting . It's early spring - she's still wearing sweaters and not looking too happy just yet. The checkerboard was just an experiment.... gonna paint over it. The flowers are called Leucadendrons! (from the genus, Protea) Finally found out the name - at the mom and pop grocery store where I buy them. Will make the bangs a bit longer and tweak her a bit more...
PS Added a new print to the shop today... Night Time Bath!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Painter's Hands

My daughter is a painter/artist at heart I think. She doesn't care about getting dirty and will work for a very long time - often singing to herself. She knows when she's done with a piece... and when to begin a new painting. Everything she makes, she seems to love and wants to display it right away. She finds no fault in her work and seems so very sure of herself. I want to be like her when I grow up :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Unveiling...

Here's the 'Daffs Lady'... still have to finish the daffs. I'm getting a bit bedraggled with this whole show preparation...wish I had more time to let the paintings sit and incubate. But, it's hustle time! They'll be dropped off mid month May. I'll be showing more this week and leave a comment if you'd like :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Last Daisy

Well, it's 'Sketchbook Thursday' and no sketches to be found. Everything's sort of put on hold until late May... then, maybe I'll be back to the usual and posting more on the Artslice blog too.
Here's the 3rd 'Lilly and the Daisy' woodcut I hope to complete today. I've taken a few days off from carving to let my hand rest. If all goes well I'll be printing 3 before Saturday.
Here's naughty Mr. Darcy chewing on something he shouldn't. When will he be a teenager?!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Last Underdrawings...

This one is early in the season... She's realized it's snowing again.
A moment of sunflower ecstasy
Here are a few more beginnings drawn outside over the weekend. I think these will be the last of the series to be in the show. Gotta get busy finishing many and (my favorite part) starting the last of the new ones. There will be 10 of 'em for the show... 9 if I can't mend the one the dog damaged when he knocked over the Half-Julian portable easel, broke it and caused the painting to crash on the floor. (There go the dreams of painting plein-aire!)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are a few glimpses of the painting with the 'Proteus' flowers in them. Need to hurry up before the flowers die! Naturally, it's unfinished (aren't most of my paintings? :) The face I like but it's on the masculine side... I'm tweaking it and making some decisions about what to keep; what to paint over.
Tomorrow, I'll share a few new underdrawings done yesterday, outside... listening to some cool, old 70's rock. (lots of great, fleeting childhood memories in that music!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mystery Flower

I love these flowers and have inclulded them in one of my paintings. But, I have no clue what they're called and neither did the girl who sold them to me. Would love to know! Anyone know?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Scent of a Daisy

One of a triptych I'm working on... this wood is harder than my usual stuff (left over from woodblock camp in Victoria BC!... nice, big piece though) . Have had to take a break from it (hello numb thumb) and work on paintings today. Actually, I started a new one today with a mystery flower... I'll post it this weekend. Hoping someone knows the name of it :)
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

French Alps Drawing

Finally finished this drawing today while sitting out in the sun... my daughter re-arranged her 'rock garden' while I painted. Can't remember the name of this little town... I'm going to have to look it up and scour the names in order the jog the memory! Will be adding it to the shop tonight or tomorrow. There's another cathedral drawing that's just about done. I'm playing with color and making it a little funky. Will share it soon.

Our fence is repaired in the back yard and our puppy (Mr. Darcy) ran around 'off leash' for the first time back there... very exciting indeed! (plus he climbed and descended the stairs - another first)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sniffing a Daisy

Here's a new woodblock started today!! It goes with the same theme as the paintings/winter madness/ only-spring-will-make-it-right. I like the way it's going... this is actually going to be a triptych.
We've had wind, sun, hail, snow and thunder showers all in one day! Pretty moody weather :) I'm banking on the theory of transitional weather is a sign of sunshine as the season changes.
Hope y'all had a nice Easter... we did. I baked an apple pie and my brother cooked the real food, just the way I like it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Painting and Violets

This unfinished lady is part of the Winter Madness series (must come up with a better name). She loves daffodils (or 'daffs' as the Brits say - love their sayings) and is proudly showing them off. Hoping to finish her sometime this week and make her face/skin more interesting and textured. It actually hit 70 degrees late yesterday afternoon. All these extreme temps are so very baffling. Half afraid to plant some flowers in the ground but will be brave and do it!
Gotta love these unusual violas... (I prefer to call them Violets!) Peach and purple, an unlikely combo and so beautiful!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggs and the Strawberry Patch

This Strawberry patch woodblock was just printed... think will take even more dark out of the leafy part and then, will paint it which will really add more umph. The Speckled Eggs - it's actually a card. I made some cards for a local bookshop that are colorful, Spring-y and a few for Easter as well. Talk about last minute!! (can't believe we're this close to Easter, must get the candy baskets together - so much fun to watch all the kids hunt for eggs.)
Wishes have come true in our town... the sun is finally shining. We spent most of the weekend outside, playing in the dirt, cleaning out the flower beds and bringing out the umbrellas and lawn chairs! Not to mention playing sand table, sidewalk chalk and taking the puppy (Mr. Darcy) for long walks to tire him out and get plenty of sun. It's a whole new world!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blond Landscape

I've been focusing my mornings on painting and I must say, it takes most of my attention. It can be so very absorbing. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde... my approach between painting and printmaking. Very strange. Anyway, I'm loving it as I haven't painted regularly since my son was a toddler. (watercolor and gouache don't count in this instance!)
Started the blond lady daughter says 'she is a lady who is going to bed.' :)
I've been very bad about posting on both blogs lately... all I can say is - my routine is completely shot... son is on spring break and winter blues are deeply rooted. Warm weather, sunshine, flowers and dirt are the only cure. Until then, please bear with me - the real 'Artslice' will return!