Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggs and the Strawberry Patch

This Strawberry patch woodblock was just printed... think will take even more dark out of the leafy part and then, will paint it which will really add more umph. The Speckled Eggs - it's actually a card. I made some cards for a local bookshop that are colorful, Spring-y and a few for Easter as well. Talk about last minute!! (can't believe we're this close to Easter, must get the candy baskets together - so much fun to watch all the kids hunt for eggs.)
Wishes have come true in our town... the sun is finally shining. We spent most of the weekend outside, playing in the dirt, cleaning out the flower beds and bringing out the umbrellas and lawn chairs! Not to mention playing sand table, sidewalk chalk and taking the puppy (Mr. Darcy) for long walks to tire him out and get plenty of sun. It's a whole new world!


Jeane said...

isn't it wonderful Brenda? - SUN! - we spent the weekend outside also and even had sun again today - the eggs are really wonderful - your post reminds me of when my boys were little and we got ready for Easter!

tangled sky studio said...

the strawberry patch woodcut is really pretty brenda....i can't wait to see it painted. the sun is shining here too although we did have a bit of snow over the weekend....spring is coming in at a snail's pace but i see buds everywhere!