Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are a few glimpses of the painting with the 'Proteus' flowers in them. Need to hurry up before the flowers die! Naturally, it's unfinished (aren't most of my paintings? :) The face I like but it's on the masculine side... I'm tweaking it and making some decisions about what to keep; what to paint over.
Tomorrow, I'll share a few new underdrawings done yesterday, outside... listening to some cool, old 70's rock. (lots of great, fleeting childhood memories in that music!)


tangled sky studio said...

i loved the 70's....
the flowers look even prettier in your painting...the backgound color really adds something....i like her face and hair color ( unfinished is better than unstarted!)

artslice said...

Thanks so much Beth! Yes, the
70's... now that they're 'retro' it brings back even more memories I'd totally forgotten. Fun :)