Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blond Landscape

I've been focusing my mornings on painting and I must say, it takes most of my attention. It can be so very absorbing. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde... my approach between painting and printmaking. Very strange. Anyway, I'm loving it as I haven't painted regularly since my son was a toddler. (watercolor and gouache don't count in this instance!)
Started the blond lady daughter says 'she is a lady who is going to bed.' :)
I've been very bad about posting on both blogs lately... all I can say is - my routine is completely shot... son is on spring break and winter blues are deeply rooted. Warm weather, sunshine, flowers and dirt are the only cure. Until then, please bear with me - the real 'Artslice' will return!


Jeane said...

oh, I love what your daughter said - a lady who is going to bed! - and those two paintings side by side look like two women in the same place almost - the backgrounds are so similar - winter blues, OMG! spring please come! I'm hoping this weekend I will be outside working in the yard! please, please, please let it be!

tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda,
the blond landscape is fabulous....i love how she is a part of everything! i agree the chill in the air has worn out it's welcome (we actually had 2 inches of snow last weekend). i've noticed a slow down in everyone's posting lately (myself included)....maybe our collective wishing will bring about a warm up....happy friday!


willow said...

Blond Landscape is wonderful!! I love the soft quality and that her hair becomes the landscape. Nice.

artslice said...

Thanks ladies for your kind words! Very much appreciated.

Now, maybe we can all think Spring at the same time and it will be... kind of a 'Witches of Eastwick' moment. Ready? Go!!!

Paula Villanova said...

Yeah...wishing for those warmer Spring temperatures! I love both of these paintings...and the lady on the left is a bit reminiscent of Botticelli!

The Clever Pup said...

Hey it's me at age 12 and tina fey.

I'm concentrating a la Witches of Eastwick. I'll be Cher. Look it's working!!