Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Last Daisy

Well, it's 'Sketchbook Thursday' and no sketches to be found. Everything's sort of put on hold until late May... then, maybe I'll be back to the usual and posting more on the Artslice blog too.
Here's the 3rd 'Lilly and the Daisy' woodcut I hope to complete today. I've taken a few days off from carving to let my hand rest. If all goes well I'll be printing 3 before Saturday.
Here's naughty Mr. Darcy chewing on something he shouldn't. When will he be a teenager?!


tangled sky studio said...

tsk!tsk! mr. darcy!
i've been thinking about the amount of carving you've done lately and it's are really amazing. your work ethic is incredible and you so obviously love what you do....
are you thinking of painting or carving barns?

Martha Miller said...

heh heh! love that dog pic! too funny! Your woodblocks look great! Good idea to give that hand a break, tho - don;t want to wind up in PT! (like me...)