Monday, September 24, 2012

Sixth Birthday plus Show and Tell

 Mr. Knightley just outside of the school last Friday, on his way to show and tell.  My daughter loves her dogs and really wanted her Kindergarten class to meet the naughtiest dog in our house :)  Since he's so incorrigible, there were many entertaining stories to report.
 Walking to the front of the class... it was the cutest presentation!
 Jilly the ZuZu pet in her own little home made by our daughter.  She can do just about anything with an old shoe box.
The birthday girl's family party cake... a 'pansy cake'.  It was soooo cute even if it was store bought. (I love to make birthday cakes but she kept changing her mind from an ice cream sundae buffet  to a cake.) In the background you can see some very girly birthday loot.  It was a great day.
I'm hoping to share some new drawings and a wool quilt I've started sometime this week.  Hubby has been home most of last week and it seems nothing gets done when he's around, breaking the daily groove-thing.  The poor husband can't win for loosing :) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Meet Audie, a glamazon from the 1940s. She ended up looking a bit like Lauren Bacall, though not intended. I'm working on some acrylic paintings for the first time in I don't know when. Rusty is the word! It feels so good to get back into that practice. Will share when I have something worthy :)

The first tinges of crimson and gold have been appearing here... I love this time of year. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Carving Lessons

Taken from my 'afternoon chair' out on the deck. I'm going to miss the warm after school time of playing at the park or our back yard. This is a favorite spot to knit or draw while the kids get the crazies out they've been holding in all day :)

My daughter's first carving! We used the Dick Blick grey stuff.

My son's first carving... I can't believe we waited until he was 9 to start carving. Just didn't feel like he was ready to hold the sharp tools. He loved it and actually wants to carve something he can run through the press. Music to my ears!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shifting Gears...

School has begun and this mama is getting used to a whole new kind of life. It's an adjustment... like anything else. On one hand, I'm feeling sad and longing for the old days when my daughter had a half day at pre-school. We would often have a play date right after and at a nearby park and home for lunch together... or sometimes lunch out with grandma. Mostly, I'm missing that 'just the two of us' time. It's so rare.

However, the freedom and not so much rushing around is stellar! I've found myself mentally twitching with all the options there are to make art, take a class, do yoga, garden etc. It's staggering this kind of freedom! So, there will be much more art to share here in the next few months. I'm stepping into brand new territory :)

Those prints will be in the shop by the weekend. And... I'm having a 20% off sale till the end of September. Coupon code: soulemama.