Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shifting Gears...

School has begun and this mama is getting used to a whole new kind of life. It's an adjustment... like anything else. On one hand, I'm feeling sad and longing for the old days when my daughter had a half day at pre-school. We would often have a play date right after and at a nearby park and home for lunch together... or sometimes lunch out with grandma. Mostly, I'm missing that 'just the two of us' time. It's so rare.

However, the freedom and not so much rushing around is stellar! I've found myself mentally twitching with all the options there are to make art, take a class, do yoga, garden etc. It's staggering this kind of freedom! So, there will be much more art to share here in the next few months. I'm stepping into brand new territory :)

Those prints will be in the shop by the weekend. And... I'm having a 20% off sale till the end of September. Coupon code: soulemama.

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