Friday, September 14, 2012

Carving Lessons

Taken from my 'afternoon chair' out on the deck. I'm going to miss the warm after school time of playing at the park or our back yard. This is a favorite spot to knit or draw while the kids get the crazies out they've been holding in all day :)

My daughter's first carving! We used the Dick Blick grey stuff.

My son's first carving... I can't believe we waited until he was 9 to start carving. Just didn't feel like he was ready to hold the sharp tools. He loved it and actually wants to carve something he can run through the press. Music to my ears!!!

Happy Friday!

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tangled sky studio said...

so awesome to see the little ones following in mama'a footsteps : ) can't wait to see how they print up!
happy weekend.