Friday, July 23, 2010

Raspberry Tarts

Here is the latest art quilt top... almost done painting it. I knew a very interesting Swedish lady when I was little who had us over to her family's house. She literally prepared a smorgasbord for us and made raspberry tarts in charming little silver tins for dessert. I was so impressed with the fluted, shiny tins and whatever it was she was filling them with (was around 6 or 7). This drawing was inspired by her - and the desire to do a 'kitchen ritual' series.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Banners

Baby girl's banner...

Big brother's banner...
Special summer breakfast. (usually it's just Cheerios!)

I finally finished the first art quilt/fabric painted thing from all the 'Turtlemoon' exploration I've been doing since late spring -meaning the banners above. I used bias hem tape for the 'string' and it sure was easy just to open the package... no cutting out! Getting ready to start another big piece, I just have to decide on the subject matter. Better get back to the old sketchbook (drawing board sounds better!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Chamomile

Latest art quilt underway... it's summer, so of course I had to do a beach scene. Here it is drying in the hot sun.
The old water table is new all over again. I can't believe the hours of fun both of the kids have had with this thing. Our son dumped sand in it because he wanted to create the 'bottom of the ocean'. I thought the notion was pretty cool... not to mention my 3 1/2 yr old daughter asking every day, "Mama, where is heaven?" Makes for great conversation.

Here's the Granny's Flower Garden quilt I've been working on since late spring. I've had to back off a bit from it since looking down for such long periods actually gave me a stiff neck. Who knew hand sewing was a hazard to the old bod.

German chamomile that was grown from seed. I'm very proud of these little flowers since it's the ONLY thing planted from seed that ever grew from my amateur gardening hands.
And all the while some good old fashioned jazz playing in the background. It's quickly becoming the soundtrack of summer 2010 for us at 'Midnight Pines'. (all the kids in the family chose that name for our dwelling since it houses a bunch of night owls... not to mention all the Ponderosa pines in the yard.) Happy weekend :