Friday, July 23, 2010

Raspberry Tarts

Here is the latest art quilt top... almost done painting it. I knew a very interesting Swedish lady when I was little who had us over to her family's house. She literally prepared a smorgasbord for us and made raspberry tarts in charming little silver tins for dessert. I was so impressed with the fluted, shiny tins and whatever it was she was filling them with (was around 6 or 7). This drawing was inspired by her - and the desire to do a 'kitchen ritual' series.
Have a great weekend!


tangled sky studio said...

what a lovely memory (and i'm smitten with the jars behind her)....can you believe the summer is slipping by so quickly?


artslice said...

Hi there, Beth! Thank you :) It's great to hear from you... hope your moving and transition is going well.

Summer is slipping away.. just realized my kids start on 8/31. Yipes!