Monday, August 16, 2010

Rambling at Cannon Beach

Love the sign... looks just like a woodcut.
I was dying to eat at this place... but we never made it. It didn't look very kid friendly either - but what a cute spot.. and the bill of fare - very tempting. That's the sign - Bistro - is the only name it had. Will try to find out if they have a web site!

We've just returned from a much needed, lovely trip to the beach and Portland, OR. It was great except for the fact that our car broke down as soon as we arrived in Portland (after about 6-7 hours of driving!) . We waited about an hour or more for a tow truck to come and take our sad car to the dealership and ended up renting a car so we could still get to our 'beach leg' of the trip. Who can tell what's going to happen in a day!?
I took about a million photographs that are all potential paintings :) Now, I'm thinking about school starting on Aug 31 (yipes! we're nowhere near ready). I've been purging in the house, de-cluttering and clearing space for a calm, serene dwelling in the fall and winter. Our little girl will be going off to her first year of pre-school (she's got a Sept birthday and will be one of the older ones). Naturally, this is traumatic for moi... she's my baby! But, I'm thinking I may sooth myself by partaking in a bit of nesting and paint the living room, dining room, bathroom and hallway. :) Been wanting to do this for about 5 years now!

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