Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thinking in Circles...

I've been doing lots of calligraphy lately... outside in nature. (well, mostly on the deck at the picnic table.) The more I do the more experiments happen. My fabulous calligraphy teacher in Portland (Carol Dubosch) had a motto she shared with us at the time - 'Stay together, learn the flowers, go light'. I love the idea of combining few words with a motto, season, idea etc. So, combined with my love for writing in the circle format, I think I've hit a new idea... but what to call it? Circle poems? Still mulling it over - but I've got more of these to share in the coming week :)
Have a lazy Sunday!


tangled sky studio said...

thoughts in the round?
full circle poems?
they're beautiful and i like the idea of the circle and the words together.
if anything pops into my head i'll let you know...


artslice said...

Hi Beth,

Both of them are great! Thanks! You have the gift for words... and yes please, if you think of more, I'd love to know.

So, are you ready for school to start? For us it's Aug 31 and our baby girl (not anymore) is going to pre-school. Whah!