Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cheers to You

Cheers to you, tonight... as new year's eve draws closer and the old year is closing in. I hope you all are taking in every breath of the season and enjoying yourselves as we are in our house.

I have many hopes and dreams for the new year... some will come to fruition, others... not sure I have the will or strength for it but am still up for the challenge! I won't bother sharing my specific new years resolutions, but hope you will take the leap and realize yours in the coming year as I strive to realize mine :)

A very happy and healthy new year, 2012 to one and all!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alpine Christmas

Outdoor beer garden... Edelweiss flowers painted to the right!

Town Christmas tree... sorry for the blur

Nordic skier of times past
We took a quick jaunt to a lovely little town called Leavenworth, WA. It was in the height of Christmas and oh so beautiful. It was patterned after a Bavarian Alps village in the 1960s and has a few ski areas close by.

I'll share more night scenes soon... not sure if I'll be posting here before the new year or not. Either way, have a wonderful holiday! (I'm off to plan my Christmas dinner shopping list- an old fashioned English Christmas this year... roast beef with Yorkshire pudding... trimmings and trifle for dessert! - with the help of my mom, of course - she's the real cook around here.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marley's Laurel

This is about as Christmas-y as I'm getting this year in my art!

Here are a few new woodblocks that have just landed in the shop this evening. It's been a long time between updates over there!

I've been carving a lot the past few weeks and stayed home from yoga this morning after pre-school drop off just to stay home and print. Sweet moments of art and silence!!! (besides listening to NPR's On Point) I'll be sharing the fruits of this morning just as soon as the ink dries. (and then I can paint 'em)

It has been bitter cold around here - but there's an air inversion and therefore, a burn ban. How I'd love to sit in front of a cozy fire right now. Hope you are warm and happy where ever you are tonight.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Stuff at Society6

This little painting and more are now available as prints at a great site called Society6! I've never been one for reproductions and really prefer to offer original art. But, after many requests (thank you, y'all know who you are ;) I thought it was time to offer prints of paintings and art quilt, past and present. You can visit here. Check it out!

ps look for me as 'teaandinkstudio' over at Society6. Blogger won't let me post a direct link right now. ug.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Presenting... A Turkey Art Show!

Lovely turkey hand print

A plea from the turkeys... think veggies!

Cutout homework

Our son's lovely turkey that poses the question... 'What are you thankful for?'

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!! Today, I'm slicing up celery and carrots to dip in ranch dressing... and making the Lovely Ginger Cake a la Nikki McClure from her book, How to Bake the Perfect Day. (whoops, I don't have fresh ginger or cloves... and my son downed the whipped cream in a can last night we were bringing for the pumpkin pie at Grandma's house. Off to the grocery store.) Have a great day :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Painted Prints

Here's a new print, fresh off the press! This is a beautiful little beach garden we passed by while exploring the town of Newport, OR. My daughter had to stop and admire all the blooms :)

Here's a state print of Bonfire of the Fish Spirits, painted. Usually, I print on scrap paper and later play around with color while waiting for ink to dry on the revised version. Just couldn't decide what colors the fish will be.

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving around here... mom's cooking the turkey. Every one's afraid I'll buy a Tofurkey and call it good :) Some people just don't understand vegetarians! I actually baked some lovely butternut squash last night and may make enchiladas with it to bring for the big day. I'm also making a Gingerbread Cake from Nikki McClure's tiny little cookbook. Have a wonderful, happy turkey day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bonfire of the Fish Spirits- Carved Version

Originally this image was an art quilt... but, I really like this one and thought it would translate nicely into a woodcut. Here is the actual carved Shina wood. I printed this version, made some revisions and have printed the final cut. (oh, that IS relief printmaker lingo :) So, I'm going to share as soon as the ink is dry and have painted.

On another note, we are expecting our first big snow storm (already had a dusting that melted) so, today I've been getting ready... sweeping all the pine needles that fell after a nasty windstorm. (It's much easier to shovel snow without those things on the ground - and I'll be doing the shovel duty so, I'm making it easier on my arms.) Also moved all the patio/deck stuff out of the elements. Plus, we went grocery shopping, returned the library movies and bought some scrap booking stuff for Christmas pages. A swimming playdate was cancelled this afternoon because of the forecast and as of 5:15pm, still not snowing. Hmmn.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Robots, etc

Here are a few of the little guys I'm making for the Tinman Gallery's artist ornament show that always opens the day after Thanksgiving. I still have to stuff, sew on eyeballs and tweak a few more embellishments. Due: November 15!

Here's the sweater I've been knitting and it's such a fun, easy pattern! (inspired by Amanda at
Soulemama and Beth at Tangled Sky Studio :) They have both made this sweater and I couldn't resist... just had to have my own! If it actually looks good on me, I'm planning on knitting another.

Happy Friday... and long weekend.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Comes Creeping in...

Halloween was such a whirlwind this year... parties all day at school, ballet with more Halloween fun and of course - trick or treating. I'm still coming down from all the hoopla :)

Today is snow tire day. After several years with the 'all weather' tires, and many slips/slides and near accidents, this year will be different! Hopefully they will keep me mobile, therefore keeping the winter blues at bay for a bit longer.

I've got a few things to share this week... knitting, ornaments and new woodcuts. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Facebook Artist Page

Happy Friday to one and all! I'm taking the leap and opened a Tea and Ink Studio artist page on Facebook. (I know I'm a bit behind the times, but I'm trying :) Here is my new photo on the page... another side of myself. Please 'like' me over there if you're in the mood for a visit. I'll be posting new work regularly and announcing sales in the etsy shop, events and the like.

I'll still be here too, in a more personal, organic/studio sort of way. So, stay tuned. I may be moving into the 21st century :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn and her Pumpkins

Here's a little autumn goodness to cheer you... this is the centerpiece of our table. My daughter added the little doll (whose name is Autumn - by the way). The open work penny rug I made a few years back and it's a lovely addition to our seasonal table. Cheers!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking Root

My 'Trees in a Chair Forest' purse is done! (created the flap a few years ago) The purse flap was a bit short so, I added much needed roots. A wooly purse is perfect this time of year.

Have a fabulous Friday :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Letterpress Lucy

I did this drawing some months back but just found it this morning and thought I'd share. I have a secret obsession with letter presses and wish I could work one :)

Autumn has arrived and I'm drinking in every moment possible. It's my favorite season and also, I just celebrated my birthday :) I hope to be sharing some of the things in progress around the house - they are woodblocks and some in the fiber category.

I've been down for the count, sick with pneumonia these past 2 weeks. Am finally coming up for air and feeling better - although my stamina stinks! When will I ever make it back to yoga...??? Who knows. Hope it's soon. Happy Saturday :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Aubird

Lucky me, I went to a Waldorf doll making workshop on Saturday. What a blissful time it was! I actually finished a 16 inch dressing doll... the teacher had the wigs ready made to choose as well as the clothing. Still - it was a lot of work but so much fun. Rolling the wool for her head was the hardest part! The wool she had was super clean so no lanolin for the fibers to 'stick' to. It was a great time. It was held at the new Waldorf-style school in Spokane, Windsong School.

My daughter was THRILLED with this doll and instantly named her 'Aubird' - sounds like 'Auburn' as in the color of her hair. She loves to dress and change her clothes etc. I'm hoping to make more outfits. Now my son wants a doll that looks like him and I'm happy to oblige :) There's something about doll making... it's very soothing like hand quilting. If I can just get the trick of making the head and wig down, there may be a whole village of dolls soon ;)

No school today, we're going to play and maybe get a Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume. Happy Monday.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Still Summer

Gleeful run through one of our favorite gardens in a brand new 'first day of school dress'. I love this photo of our daughter, happy, free and everything ahead of her. It was a perfect afternoon :)

On another note... a personal remembrance of 9/11.
I can't believe it's been 10 years. That morning, my mom and I were going to take the ferry to Victoria, British Colombia. My husband was in Spokane - as we were in the process of moving here. On 9/12, he was scheduled to fly to Boston for some class he was taking. We switched on the news in the early morning to check the weather and watched in horror as we all tried to figure out what had happened. The live coverage on the streets of NYC... horrific chaos. Naturally, no one went anywhere that day. A few weeks later, mom and I drove out to Spokane with my cat and it was still a 'no fly zone' in the US. Such a strange trip. The day that changed our country forever.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bathroom Paint Job... in progress

Here was most of my labor day weekend... workin' in the 'can' :) Most of the new, darker color is done... it's Restoration's 'Cappuccino'. The trim will be a nice, lighter yet warm shade: 'Warm Linen". I won't be doing the trim, cabinet and sink area til next weekend.

I must say, it was hard to tape all the fixtures, ceiling, window etc. Plus, having the bathroom taken apart is so difficult when there are small children in the house. They can't help but 'assist' with the paint roller while I'm making dinner. My last paint project was in 2006 when I painted our daughter's room - whilst 9 months pregnant. From what I remember, that project was easier since no one had a reason to be in there :) Will be glad when it's done. "After" photos to come!

Happy hump day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunset at the Lighthouse

New ink drawing on paper! I took tons of inspiration photos on our trip and this is a favorite subject... old architecture including lighthouses! The French prism lenses get to me... they are so beautiful, ordered and geometric. I may have to brush up on my perspective skills before tackling an interior shot of the lens. (used Twinkling H2Os paint on this one - it's got some sparkle). It's soon to be in the etsy shop.

We are one day away from the big, first day of school! It's bittersweet for sure... the weather is perfect and seems a waste to spend it in school. On the other hand - there's yoga to attend and art to be made in a quiet studio in the company of two little Corgis.

Sending out thoughts and prayers to the Hurricane Irene survivors... stay safe and hang in there. Thinking of you all out there in the dark. Happy Monday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nikki McClure at Contemporary Crafts Museum...Portland

This was a fabulous show... I have seen a lot of the original work in Nikki McClure's calendars and books but what a treat to see it in person! The black paper she cuts with an exacto knife is so thin and delicate. It's amazing what she does. Her sketchbooks, personal photographs that she draws from and mulling ideas on paper were all on display. I love to see how people work - it's such an inspiration to me. (wish I could've taken photos of them!)

By the way... we've just returned from our 2nd and last trip of the summer... to Newport and Lincoln City, OR. Toured many lighthouses, saw several artist's studios... ate fabulous food etc. Will share more in the coming weeks! But, today - it's time for school supply shopping, coddling lonely Corgis and more purging of old clothes and shoes. Happy Monday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Off the Grid

We are soaking up this last month of summer vacation... sipping wine by candle light. Sleeping in, going slow and keeping a low profile. (the last is always my favorite). Hope you are enjoying the sunny summer in your own favorite style.

ps ... I can't seem to leave a comment - blogger is all messed up (google profile). Darn it! Thanks to Jenniffer for stopping by!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flutter Kicks and Noodles

Here's where I've been for several weeks. It's amazing how fast they learn to swim when they're ready. Both the kids are having a great time in their lessons and then the reward comes: free swim! For me, it's like sitting in a sauna - with one benefit... my face is dewy. :)

I'm determined to get the bathroom painted before school starts. Will be choosing colors today. What are you getting done before September?

Friday, August 5, 2011

New August Woodcuts

More ballet... this time in the form of woodcuts. These were test prints to see what they're looking like. More decisions to make now. My least fave is the last photo but, maybe I can make it work.

I'm hoping to escape into the garden today to pull weeds and trim hedges. But first, the eucalyptus oil will be slathered on. I'm the perfect meal for bugs and nasty blood-sucking black flies (they're rampant in Spokane this summer!). But the oil really does work. Try it if you are one of those 'lucky ones' who seems to get bit no matter what.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ballerinas... If I can't Be One, I'll Paint Them

Both of our kids take tap, jazz and daughter takes ballet. This year, the studio performed Coppelia. I had a back stage pass... and of course, my camera was at the ready for any pose or movement that struck a chord. Pure nirvana for these eyes! (sidebar... I began ballet at 4 years old and kept on dancing)
Here is the first of probably many 'dance paintings'. Even the most casual standing around and waiting at rehearsal is a divine pose in my eyes. This one is acrylic on canvas... about 28 x 24".

On another note... I'm so saddened by the death of the gifted, troubled soul - Amy Winehouse. Rest in peace, girl. Also, the incomparable painter - Lucian Freud passed away Friday. Another huge loss... although comfort can be found in the fact he lived a long, prolific life. No one painted like him. RIP Lucian and thank you for the gifts you left behind.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Do the Happy Dance

Here is my happy daughter... wearing her brand new swimming goggles. She and big brother will be having swimming lessons for most of the summer. I've never seen anyone get so excited about goggles. Too cute. This is an acrylic painting - in progress. Am doing a series of them because - well - I can't help myself.
Happy Friday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Haze

Where's Captain Jack Sparrow??

Beautiful fortress


Tempting bill of fare

Mural at a lovely pub.

We're just back from our annual sojourn to the pacific ocean beaches. Cannon Beach, Oregon to be precise. Oh what a lovely time it was. I made a few new friends in Portland... we stayed there a few days as well. So much fun to get away and mix it all up.

It was mostly misty, rainy and cloudy at the beaches we go to but, went anyway! This time we got smart and brought much foul weather gear... including warm clothes. It all came in handy. We had a whole lot of kicked back family-together goodness. Always the sweet life when we head to the beach.

I had a funny little mishap at the end of our trip where I lost my new digital camera... I had taken a record 974 photos with it! But, it all came out OK in the end and met some new artist friends through the camera kerfuffle. But... that's another story.

Stay tuned for many new drawings, woodblocks and maybe even a few paintings....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Patio Vibe

Nothing like summer patio time. Here are a few new drawings I've done in the past few days... the top one is with a very fine tip pen, the lower... a brush tip pen. (can never quite decide which one I prefer.) These will be going in the etsy shop, hopefully tonight!

As you can see I've been blessed with a new camera - thanks to my brother who found 'a good one' for me. Ahhh, I'm so relieved. It's rough to be without a camera!

Knightley update:

The youngest corgi dodged surgery but was in the emergency pet hospital over the 4th of July wkend. He finally passed (with much treatment and coaxing) some bone shards and later the big offender: half of a Pink Pearl eraser! Such a problem child he is... he's on the mend but we're still wondering what trouble he'll find next.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Naughty Knightley at it Again

Ringing in our youngest member of the family's birth month... the naughty Knitghtley is at the pet emergency hospital. He must have swallowed a rock or some foreign body a few days ago and now has a major problem. He'll be spending the big 4th of July weekend as an inpatient.. hopefully passing the 2 objects in his intestines so he can avoid a second surgery for this very problem.
Please, if you have time, say a little prayer for our Mr. Knightley... he'll be 2 years old on July 22nd if he can get past this current crisis. Why is it some pets (and people) are just born to get into trouble?! I'll update you on his status before the weekend is over. Fingers crossed, he'll get through without a surgery. Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kicking Back this Weekend...

Just resting and exhaling this weekend after a VERY long stretch of hubby working. (that's 2 whole work weeks including the weekend in between.) Lucky me... it's a beautiful, sunny day and I can go dog walking for unlimited time!!!

Don't have a new camera yet. I'm still making art, though. Shifting gears for kid's summertime and just making art for me right now. The reality is... I can't stop making art. I can't NOT do it. It's too much a part of me. I saw a great poster on Etsy, exactly at the right time. It said: "I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." Sounds kind of sad and funny... it resonates. I always go back to Corita Kent and her rules for art. My fave: "The only rule is work." So, I will work.