Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Aubird

Lucky me, I went to a Waldorf doll making workshop on Saturday. What a blissful time it was! I actually finished a 16 inch dressing doll... the teacher had the wigs ready made to choose as well as the clothing. Still - it was a lot of work but so much fun. Rolling the wool for her head was the hardest part! The wool she had was super clean so no lanolin for the fibers to 'stick' to. It was a great time. It was held at the new Waldorf-style school in Spokane, Windsong School.

My daughter was THRILLED with this doll and instantly named her 'Aubird' - sounds like 'Auburn' as in the color of her hair. She loves to dress and change her clothes etc. I'm hoping to make more outfits. Now my son wants a doll that looks like him and I'm happy to oblige :) There's something about doll making... it's very soothing like hand quilting. If I can just get the trick of making the head and wig down, there may be a whole village of dolls soon ;)

No school today, we're going to play and maybe get a Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume. Happy Monday.


tangled sky studio said...

beautiful work!!! enjoy your day off : )

Jenniffer said...

She looks great! How much fun to make doll clothes for!

artslice said...

Thank you Beth and Jenniffer!! I'm looking forward to making some cute outfits :)