Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bonfire of the Fish Spirits- Carved Version

Originally this image was an art quilt... but, I really like this one and thought it would translate nicely into a woodcut. Here is the actual carved Shina wood. I printed this version, made some revisions and have printed the final cut. (oh, that IS relief printmaker lingo :) So, I'm going to share as soon as the ink is dry and have painted.

On another note, we are expecting our first big snow storm (already had a dusting that melted) so, today I've been getting ready... sweeping all the pine needles that fell after a nasty windstorm. (It's much easier to shovel snow without those things on the ground - and I'll be doing the shovel duty so, I'm making it easier on my arms.) Also moved all the patio/deck stuff out of the elements. Plus, we went grocery shopping, returned the library movies and bought some scrap booking stuff for Christmas pages. A swimming playdate was cancelled this afternoon because of the forecast and as of 5:15pm, still not snowing. Hmmn.

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