Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Comes Creeping in...

Halloween was such a whirlwind this year... parties all day at school, ballet with more Halloween fun and of course - trick or treating. I'm still coming down from all the hoopla :)

Today is snow tire day. After several years with the 'all weather' tires, and many slips/slides and near accidents, this year will be different! Hopefully they will keep me mobile, therefore keeping the winter blues at bay for a bit longer.

I've got a few things to share this week... knitting, ornaments and new woodcuts. Stay tuned!


Jenniffer said...

Wow- that's a ton of Halloween. Love the cat in the picture- what is he made of? Is he metal?

I've never done snow tires since we hardly ever get snow- hope they're easy to put on and keep things rolling for you!

martha miller said...

Hi Brenda!

Happy November! Thanks for stopping by my cobwebby blog - trying to dust it off a bit and get back to more frequent posting. Good luck with FB - I just sent a friend request! (Cute pumpkins, and my Moom had that same black cat! :^)

martha miller said...

my moom??? hah ah. my MOM!

artslice said...

Hi Jenniffer,

Yes, the cat is metal, he used to have a stake attached, but he's a bit old and rusty.

The tires are on, now it prob will be a mild winter. Fine with me :)

Hi Martha,
It's great to see your work again... missed your news! Thanks for the FB karma. I'm still trying to navigate. How funny about the cat- I've had it for YEARS.

Laura said...

looking forward to seeing your new projects and work:) happy november!

artslice said...

Hi Laura, thanks... I'm a bit behind but will be doing it soon :)