Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Haze

Where's Captain Jack Sparrow??

Beautiful fortress


Tempting bill of fare

Mural at a lovely pub.

We're just back from our annual sojourn to the pacific ocean beaches. Cannon Beach, Oregon to be precise. Oh what a lovely time it was. I made a few new friends in Portland... we stayed there a few days as well. So much fun to get away and mix it all up.

It was mostly misty, rainy and cloudy at the beaches we go to but, went anyway! This time we got smart and brought much foul weather gear... including warm clothes. It all came in handy. We had a whole lot of kicked back family-together goodness. Always the sweet life when we head to the beach.

I had a funny little mishap at the end of our trip where I lost my new digital camera... I had taken a record 974 photos with it! But, it all came out OK in the end and met some new artist friends through the camera kerfuffle. But... that's another story.

Stay tuned for many new drawings, woodblocks and maybe even a few paintings....


tangled sky studio said...

the oregon beaches are so gorgeous and ethereal. i too learned that warm gear is always a must to really enjoy the pacific ocean beaches unless your really far south. welcome back!

artslice said...

Thank you, Beth :) I was fooled a few years ago when we went and it was warm and sunny every day. But, now I know... after the following 2 years of visiting that was only a fluke.