Saturday, January 16, 2010

Candle light

I'm fascinated by flames. Firelight, tapered candles in candelabras, tea lights on trays, big fat candles on stands etc. It's the warm glow that gets me - to be in that space where the glow of fire is... it feels good and welcoming even comforting. I'm sure it's one of those primal things humans naturally respond to. While gazing at flame(s) I often think of cave people and their fires & how important they were to their existence... or light houses - the flame guiding sailors in the darkness.
I didn't realize it but I have several drawings and carvings of candles... so I'm going to continue with a series.
This one needs a little more carved away before it's finished... and a bit of color added too. Have relaxing Saturday - light some candles at dinner tonight!


tangled sky studio said...

campfires are great too. this is a pretty piece already. i just noticed "the elms" in your shop and was thinking how great you would be at doing custom pieces of places or homes....just thinking out loud. happy weekend!

Anonymous said...
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Martha Miller said...

I'm a TOTAL PYRO! Right there with ya! Word Verification: dissa.
Dissa great idea for a series, Brenda! :*)