Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner and a Quilt

And now... dinner's ready! Check out a nice, new dish I made... Stuffed, baked eggplant! It was yummy but time intensive - has 3 layers inside each eggplant shell. The recipe is from an older cookbook, the Vegetarian Epicure.
Here's the 'Bedtime Rituals' paintings sewn into a quilt - which was a family effort. Tried to choose starry, night time style fabrics. (including Eric Carle's 'Very Lonely Firefly' fabric :) Now, to finish the hand painted border with the lyrics to 'Blue Moon' on it and have it machine quilted. Then, we'll all have to fight for it to decide who's bed it graces first!


Paula Villanova said...

Your stuffed eggplant looks amazing...I make one with ground lamb and it is also time intensive but worth it. Love the quilt too...

artslice said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks so much... it was yummy! Thanks for stopping by, we've been offline for about 2 weeks hence the delayed response!