Thursday, October 25, 2012

Muriel at the garden gate

This is actually an older piece but I wanted to share since I was thumbing through old photos.  My grandma was named Muriel and her mum was too... It's my mom's middle name.  So , this painting is in memory of my grandma.  It's only now that I'm able to talk about her.  She passed on September 6th 2012.  Born January 15 1924 in Los Angeles California.  She was a beauty and a talker.  (Andy Warhol would've loved her.). She will be and is missed.  Still trying to figure out how to realize she's gone.


Jenniffer said...

well- I will say that not ever having known her, your rendition of her is very fetching and inviting.
I hope that over time your grief will help heal the gap that is missing with her gone.
all the best to you!

artslice said...

Many, many thanks, Jenniffer.