Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Friday Ornaments

Well, they're not really that 'Black Friday' since they are going in a gallery with other artist made ornaments. It's a Christmas show I've participated in for years now and becoming quite a tradition. This year's ornaments are based on memories of a pair of socks I had as a kid or maybe the trim on a coat I had... probably a bit of both. (They were the folksy kind with stripes, hearts, German/alpine inspired... maybe with couples and children holding hands - and lots of busy borders) If you grew up in the 1970s this may ring a bell. Those motifs had a huge impact on me!
Anyway, I carved my calligraphy( in Mastercarve this time- easier than wood for lettering) and printed on wool felt. Then the beading and embellishing - love doing that! I think they're fun and different... it's good to do something different each year.
The bottom photo is a scarf I finally finished last night while waiting at my daughter's ballet class. Can't wait to test it out - I think snow may be coming in about a week or so. Happy hump day! (and Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

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