Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble- Gobble!

Our son's sign he put at the head of the Thanksgiving table. I love how young minds think!
By our baby girl
Snow and more coming tonight... well, all weekend.

A glimpse of my latest WIP 'art quilt' - this one is on 84" wide fabric... my largest piece yet. There's still a lot to do - I'm adding the background hopefully on Monday.

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful feasting day of good food, good company and good cheer! We had a lovely one with family today at our house. It was a great time and fun to break out all the china and mom did all the cooking and brought it over here. Since I'm a vegetarian, my peeps are still worried I'll make another Tofurky like I did one year. :) They all had one word for me, CARDBOARD!
Whew! It's been way too long being offline... we finally got some computer stuff sorted out and are back online this evening. It's been bitter cold with temps in the single digits and even -10F. I had bad karma on Monday when 2 different cars hit my parked car while taking our kids to school. :( We just had it fixed this spring after being hit (rental car for 18 days!) and a major overhaul when the car died as soon as we reached Portland. (PS this is a newer SUV, not an old clunker!) We're thinking this car is jinxed... and after it's fixed, maybe selling it.
I'm off the warm up in front of the fire and chill with the corgis and everyone... goodnight.

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