Friday, November 5, 2010

My Little Blue Stink Pot

Just a bit of show and tell today... I made this for my hubby on the occasion of a milestone birthday. It is a place to put all those icky, bad thoughts and feelings. The writing on the sides gives directions on how to use... so, for good karma, place all the yuck from your day inside and be rid of it for good! :) (hope it works)
PS our son painted the inside of the lid - I thought it was a tree but it's actually a drippy happy face. Have a great weekend!!


martha miller said...

Hi Brenda!

Thanks for commenting on my post today - I've been a bad blog buddy lately - sorry I haven't dropped by in a while! Fun to catch up today. i LOVE that fabric you painted for your bathroom! Beautiful! And this stink box is a great idea - a variation of the God Box. Love your son's happy face/bean sprout!

Natalie said...

So good to talk to you last night and catch up. I love the stink pot and really need one to have at my office for my clients! I read the write you had in June in the Spokane paper. Great job! I am so impressed by your work and how you keep evolving. I echo Martha's comment: I LOVE the fabric for your bathroom. I may have to come visit you so you can show me how you do the fabric painting, not that I could draw anything, but my daughter has a talent for drawing. I would like to teach her the process. See you soon, I'll follow your blog now that I am sign up. Get on facebook, so you can see my cute grandbaby!
Love Nat