Sunday, August 3, 2014

Open Book....

 My amazing daughter
 Mermaid meets a tree with seedlings
Self from the past

A tiny peek into my sketchbook... I've been living in ink this summer.  Immensely enjoying drawing with the dipper pen into a bottle of ink and just letting what happens... happen.  I don't really share this with anyone in my 'real life' so, there you go:)  

Hope you all are savoring every little last minute of summer madness and sultriness.  I am trying to squeeze every tiny, last drop out if it.  Back to school looms, for better or not.  Even though I'm a grown up, I still can't make up my mind what may be better... endless summer or the excitement of the new (school year).  Hmmmmnn.


Paul S said...

Endless summer gets my vote, although I still have a vacation in September to look forward too.
Thanks for opening your sketchbook!

tangled sky studio said...

i think it's both:) neither back to school or summertime would be as good without the other. can't imagine any of us here enjoying year round school!

Jenniffer said...

I love your sketches!
I know what you mean about not really sharing your stuff like that with people in 'real' life . . . I really don't have anyone around me who 'gets' it, either. I've learned especially not to bother with my husband. The shrug and eye rolling over my bits of joy sting enough to shut it down.

I really don't think I could handle endless summer . . . but I say that with a 12 and a 14 year old boy in the house. This mid-summer point usually finds my dried up right alongside my garden . . . finding myself longing for their daily school absence so I can get my quiet back!

artslice said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for stopping by:) Endless summer is not such a bad idea:)

Hey Beth!
Very true... and my kids would loath year round school!!! Hope you are finding time to paint this time of year.

Hi Jenniffer,

Thank you so much:) I hear ya on the sting of shrugs etc.

I can relate to the state of your garden and self... but quiet... what is that?!! :)