Monday, May 18, 2009

Winter Seedlings

At long last I delivered all the paintings and prints to the gallery today, wa-hooo! I'm so glad to be finished with this project. It was really fun to do but a crunch as well. Decided to name the show 'Winter Seedlings' ... here is yet another one of the ladies.
Now, I'm actually looking forward to cleaning up the house and doing some quilt projects that have been beckoning.


Magic Cochin said...

Good luck with the show - you've worked so hard!

I love this one - especially her face and the horizontal blue boards behind.


The Clever Pup said...

Hey, do you "underpaint"?

Sometimes your stuff reminds me of another artist blogger friend Polly Jackson. Her stuff can be found on my blog.

Jeane said...

oooo! Brenda, I love her - congratulations on getting it done - I bet it's going to be wonderful!

tangled sky studio said...

congrats on finishing and being able to take that "out breath". i'm still amazed by your work ethic and look forward to seeing your "down time" quilt project....


artslice said...

Hi Celia - Thanks so much! I'm glad to be done!

Hi Pup - Yes, I do underdrawings and some underpainting... but I'm not extremely methodical about it! I looked at Polly Jackson and her work is lovely... thanks for that compliment.

Hi Jeane - :)Thanks much.

Hey Beth,
Yes... the breath out feels great! I've been having fun just playing with the kids and totally focusing on them. I've been rooting around for a quilt top this am that I'm revising... I'll share some pix soon :)

Martha Miller said...

beautiful!! congrats!!