Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sketchbook Wednesday

Here are a few ideas I have churning today. They've both made it onto fabric for more art quilts. The March show is coming up faster and faster. (well, a late Feb deadline is what's on my mind!)
I'm really having fun with this style of art making. Not many rules and drawing loose... it is very freeing. Oddly, I haven't carved a woodblock for a long time now. This is the longest stretch, I think (although I did do some mastercarve stuff recently). After this project, it's going to be woodcuts galore!
Speaking of woodcuts, I'm honored to be included in an art blog, Apt3 Design... amongst many wonderful printmakers. The writer is Tina, a student at Portland State University - my art school Alma Mater. Check it out here .

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