Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Tennis Player

This is a smaller art quilt - actually a drawing that I painted. It just happens to be on white kona cotton! So, after journaling on it (all about her) the machine quilting started happening. This is kind of new for me - but since I got a new Pfaff Hobby sewing machine from santa, (LOVE it!) free motion machine quilting is possible.

The machine is really a departure for me because I'm an unplugged kind of gal. But - my old machine was from 1970 I think. Boy has technology changed- even in the sewing machine world. I'm amazed at what that machine can do - and so easily... smoothly.

There are 13 of these ladies... but not all of them are keepers. The messed up ones are great for practice, though. ps great news: The gallery owner had a little glitch and my shows not til April fool's day! Hooray!!! Happy Wednesday, all.


tangled sky studio said...

she's a keeper : ) your new machine sounds dreamy!

artslice said...

Thanks Beth... now we're having tons of snow and school closures today! Thought the groundhog saw his shadow. I'm getting out the shovel now...