Thursday, March 17, 2011

Somebody Wants a Mermaid Quilt...

Here's our youngest cutie watching her favorite show in a special 'chair'. :) She is so very into mermaids right now and wanted me to make her a sleeping mermaid on a bed to go on her bed.

So! This art quilt will be my biggest to date. It's a very wide piece of white kona cotton and is about twin bedspread size. It was a bit nerve wracking to start but, once I got the scale of her the rest just followed... although her breasts could've been a little bit lower. Oh well! I'm now doing some borders. Can't wait to start painting it. Will share more soon.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!


tangled sky studio said...

she's going to be gorgeous. it is a super ambitious project but the sweet dreams your little will have wrapped in that piece of art will be worth it! can't wait to see how it turns out.

ps: i think the breast placement is perfect and she looks as if she's floating : )

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
thank you! I hope she's all I hope her to be... will post a few progress photos

Happy Friday!

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