Monday, July 6, 2009

Calistoga and the Little Lavender Girl

The Elms - Calistoga, CA
Little Lavender Girl

2 new woodcuts I've started this week... actually Calistoga (the house) I did the drawing this morning! The lavender one is going to take a long time because of all the lines and little buds to be carved. Not quite sure how successful it'll be but, I wanted to try. It is really a lovely image if I can just translate it into wood :)
The house is from way back when my hubby and I used to vacation Napa and Sonoma with friends (on this trip) and sometimes alone. I love the house - it reminds me of my fave Hopper painting. This is a B&B we stayed in called The Elms - absolutely enchanting! I highly recommend it if you're staying in the wine country. Brings back such great memories of our salad days together.


Jeane said...

Hi Brenda, these are really wonderful! also wanted to let you know that Mary Lou's new book is out AND if you contact her she might come to your home and do a 'salon reading' where you invite your friends and she does a reading, etc. you can go to her website and email her :}

tangled sky studio said...

Hi Brenda,
These are both going to be beautiful! I was just thinking of you as I sent my mother one of the "kite shop" cards i ordered from you (she fell off a ladder and broke four ribs on her back!). your colors are so fresh and your subject matter so charming it's sure to brighten her day. happy summer and cheers!


artslice said...

Hi Jeane... thanks! The Mary Lou salon reading sounds so fabulous. Too bad most people I know these days are 11 yrs and under! :) I'll be ordering that soon.

Hi Beth,
Thanks so much! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom... broken ribs are sooo painful. Hope she's feeling better soon. Here's to an uneventful move for you and yours! Happy summer to you too :)