Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recent Summer Sightings...

Crayon rubbing of one of The Makers

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted... thought I'd give a summer update :) I've begun a new woodblock series called 'The Makers' and here are the very first two! I'm pretty excited about this series as there are so many possibilities to think about... and it could go on for - well - years :) On the crafty side, I've been working on the pink chocolates quilt... hoping to get that done by the end of summer. (all unplugged, naturally) And, to top it all off, a bit of sock knitting in the evenings when my mind is too blown to do much else.

Daddy's been rocking the kids to sleep most every night - especially our baby girl... toes seen here wearing her 'ballerina jammies'. We have some extended family staying with us for the summer... and are having a 'staycation' this week. (actually a nice way to get control of house projects!) That's me laying on the floor with Mr. Darcy perched on my midsection. He's a very affectionate pup. (he'll be 1 yr old on Dec 6) What have y'all been up to these summer months?


willow said...

Fun to peek into your summer world! Looking forward to The Makers.

artslice said...

Hi Willow, thank you ... how are things at the manor?