Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bed of Beach Rocks

Trying to set aside some time at the easel today to finish up this painting... all this holiday stuff is getting in the way of making art! It is such fun though. This year for the first time... we'll have mom and grandma in our neck of the woods. Very exciting :) Have a great day.


tangled sky studio said...

the new painting is great and i hope you get a chance to get into the studio today. i can feel the sun shining down on her warming the smooth rock bed. how fun to have special guests to be thankful for....i wish you a wonderful holiday brenda!


Jeane said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brenda - love your little owls - so wonderful :)

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks... maybe this weekend :) Happy cooking!! I'm sure you've got a fab spread planned - have a great holiday too.

Hi Jeane,
Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! Hope the sun is shining over there.