Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Owls

Here are just a few of the owls and birds I've been sewing for the local artist's Christmas ornament show. (at Tinman Artworks) It was so much fun getting these fowl together... mostly for the embellishments! (getting out the felting machine is always big fun too.) If there are any left... I'll put 'em in the etsy shop in time for Christmas shipping.


tangled sky studio said...

So cute Brenda... these are sure to be a hit at the fair. What is a felting machine? My hubby seems to do a pretty good job felting things in the old washing machine...sigh. How many are you planning to make?

artslice said...

Hi Beth - Thanks! I should say it's a needle felting machine. Instead of a threaded sewing needle it has 5 felting needles and 'punches down' to meld fibers together. Sorry about your hubby doing his felting :) No hot water involved in this method!
Oh - I made about 15.