Monday, February 8, 2010

Inky Weekend

Looking up at the Letterpress shop
Did a lot of drawings over the weekend... in prep for the 2 upcoming shows. (my daughter did a lot of drawing too... marker all over her feet, legs and face. too funny!) I've been loving drawing architectural scenes and hope to search out more images to draw. (maybe a good walk downtown... lots of old buildings there).
I have 2 linen art quilts I've blogged about in the past year and am hoping to hastily quilt them to have for the Ruby Slipper show in Spokane. They're throw size (or a bit larger) and I think they'll look great on the wall. Hopefully later in the week I'll post some progress on them!


tangled sky studio said...

love the print shop (another medium i'd like to explore)...good luck getting ready for the shows!

artslice said...

Hi Beth- thank you! I'd love to learn how to use a letter press too. (I have a stationary fetish :)