Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Playing at the sink

Playing at the sink, originally uploaded by Tea and Ink.

This is my little girl... a few years ago. She was so little then. Now, she's running the house (almost :) I loved the jumper she was wearing and the toybox design in front of her. Wish there was a way to stretch these years out longer and savor them even more.

Woodblock print with watercolor.


jeane said...

okay, I just made the connection between your flickr account and your blog - you are 'tea and ink' on flickr - I saw your image this morning on flickr and thought, geez, that looks so much like Brenda's work and BAM! it is your work - how funny - and I love the print by the way - looks like you had so much fun in Seattle xxo

tangled sky studio said...

what an amazing way to capture an image of your little one. this is sure to be treasured for years to come's absolutely beautiful. what a gift you have for taking a moment that could have been a photograph (and would have in my case) and making into a piece of art that is both personal and universal.

willow said...

The patterns and textures here are amazing! Lots of work on the detail and it paid off big time. Love it!!

artslice said...

Hi Jeane-
Thank you - Haha, love your BAM moment :) It's nice to know you recognized my work just by viewing it! We did have fun in Seattle :)

Hi Beth - Thank you so much for your kind words... they mean a lot coming from you!

Hi Willow,
Thanks so much.. I love patterns-patterns-patterns! :)

Martha Miller said...

ha ha - word verification: dudess (has your daughter become the dudess of the house? :*)

love this print! sweet and strong! reminds me of my sister's latest painting of her granddaughter:

take care!